Investor FAQs

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Where is Mondee's corporate headquarters?

Mondee is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Click here for company contact information.

Where is the company incorporated?

Mondee is incorporated in Delaware.

When did Mondee go public?

Mondee went public on July 19, 2022.

What is Mondee’s fiscal year?

Mondee operates on a calendar quarterly basis, with its year ended December 31.

How is Mondee’s stock traded?

Mondee’s stock is traded on the NASDAQ with the MOND ticker

Who is Mondee's transfer agent?

Mondee’s transfer agent is Continental Transfer & Trust Company

Who is Mondee's auditor?

Mondee’s auditor is Deloitte

Who is Mondee's legal counsel?

Mondee’s legal counsel is Reed Smith LLP

Where can I find out more about Mondee?

Find out more about Mondee on our company website here

Where can I get the latest corporate news releases and financial reports?

You can find Mondee’s latest corporate news releases and financial reports here on our investor site here:

How can I view documents Mondee has filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), including Forms 10-K and 10-Q?

View the documents Mondee has filed with the SEC here.

Who makes up the Mondee Executive Management team and Board of Directors?

You can see the full list of who makes up Mondee’s Executive Management team here and Board of Directors here.

How can I obtain further information or materials on Mondee?

For copies of Mondee’s investor information, click here:

Whom should I contact regarding investor inquiries?

All investor inquires should be directed to the following: [email protected].

How can I obtain a copy of your annual report and proxy?

Download a copy of Mondee’s annual report and proxy here: